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Our push camera CCTV inspections mean your location task will be completed thoroughly, every time. From leak detection to blockage identification our push cameras give you a clear view of your underground infrastructure.

All of our technicians carry a 60m push camera to each job, giving them the ability to record live inspections and track whatever they are working on underground.

How push camera CCTV inspections work

We utilise push cameras to locate and inspect underground infrastructure thoroughly and efficiently.

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What are push cameras can be used for?

Our push camera CCTV inspections are perfect for examining underground pipework as they are small enough to fit into small spaces.

The clear imagery the cameras produce means we will be able to spot any obstructions or damage, such as that created from tree root growth, gravel or soil.

Through our speciality equipment, we are also able to determine the depth and alignment of the issue you might discover with your underground utilities.

What we do when a defect is found

If any defects are discovered on your underground equipment, we can mark them as points of interest and provide you with the exact location and the size of the located defect.

We map out where in the pipeline or utility the problem was located, which makes sure that you know exactly where to go to remove it. On request, the location can also be shown on mud maps and site photos.

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Service that is second to none

The LADS team is fully trained to tackle any pipeline inspection or underground inspection with ease.

No matter what you think the underground problem might be our inspectors and their push cameras and CCTV equipment can do the job. We also have a range of specialist services such as sewer camera inspection services.

Where we service

We cover a variety of Queensland locations including the Gold Coast region, as well as Logan, Brisbane, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, Northern NSW and Byron Bay.

Contact us today

Do you have any questions for our piping inspectors? Then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our push camera CCTV inspections and sewer inspection services.


Looking for quality, affordable underground locating services in Queensland & Northern NSW? LADS is the perfect choice - book us for a job today!