Concrete scanning

How does concrete scanning work?

Rather than jackhammering up the concrete only to find you dug in the wrong place, concrete scanning removes all the guesswork from your job, allowing you to work in any concreted area safely.

Our non-invasive GPR system can quickly scan a concrete space, finding post-tension cables, conduits and rebar.

We can also analyse the concrete to see if there are any spaces underneath the slabs and give you a measurement for how thick the slab is. Faster than a concrete x-ray, GPR technology is the best tool for a slab scanning and concrete inspection job.

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The benefits of concrete investigation

Concrete scanning doesn’t disturb the surrounding space in any way, meaning you can get on with other tasks while our work is in process.

Because our GPR technology is easily manoeuvrable, we can also scan the concrete swiftly and efficiently, measuring the concrete and taking down data quickly.

Only the best in concrete scanning technology

Our concrete scanning equipment has the ability to scan in both 2D and 3D modes, and our GSSI Structure Scan mini HR uses GPR technology in a compact unit.

All of the staff at LADS have been well-trained to tackle any concrete imaging job, large or small.

If you’re about to embark on a digging, drilling or demolition job, we recommend you give us a call to scan the concrete on site before you start.

If you are new to a building site, most of the time cutting concrete will be required during some part of the job. Make sure you carry out a concrete investigation, so your workers are safe and avoid cutting into any electrical cables or pipework before you drill.

High-quality underground location services

Using the latest equipment available, LADS can easily locate the underground services and utilities you need quickly and efficiently.

Our staff are accredited service locators and have been highly trained to provide you with a safe, cost-effective solution to protect and prevent damage to underground infrastructure.


The Areas we service

Based in Queensland, we service the Gold Coast region, as well as Logan, Brisbane, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, northern NSW and Byron Bay.

Wherever you’re based, speak to us, and we’re sure we can deliver!