Onsite utility mapping

Why our onsite mapping service is different from the rest.

LADS has developed an onsite service mapping system that gives the customer an easy-to-understand yet comprehensive report on what utilities lie underneath the surface.

Our utility mapping system adheres to all AS5488 standards, making it a cost-effective way to manage risk when it comes to excavating and working around existing underground infrastructure.

This onsite map is provided in either a hard copy or electronically by the technician on site after the job is complete.

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What our utility locating equipment can find

If you’re unsure of what lies beneath then don’t fret – our underground service locating system will find out for you.

As part of our LADS onsite mapping system, we are able to locate and identify a whole host of utilities, including water pipes, gas pipes, telecommunications, stormwater drains, electrical cables, sewer lines, voids and more.

Why having an onsite map completed is useful

If you want a safe site and you plan to dig or demolish, then it’s worth exploring what’s under the ground.

The last thing you want is to cause damage to any buried utilities, or worse, dig someplace dangerous resulting in an injury. Having an onsite map of everything under the ground helps you avoid the risk of delays to your project, expensive repairs or unnecessary damage.

A complete onsite mapping report

We will leave you with a detailed onsite map, giving you a complete picture of what’s in the ground, where it is and any possible obstructions you might run into when you dig.

Before we carry out your report, we will work closely with you to determine what you want to achieve from the project, where you want to dig and other project requirements, so we completely understand what it is you need.

High-quality underground location services

Using the latest equipment available, LADS can easily locate the underground services and utilities you need quickly and efficiently.

Our staff are accredited service locators and have been highly trained to provide you with a safe, cost-effective solution to protect and prevent damage to underground infrastructure.


The Areas we service

Based in Queensland, we service the Gold Coast region, as well as Logan, Brisbane, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, northern NSW and Byron Bay.

Wherever you’re based, speak to us, and we’re sure we can deliver!