Fault Finding

Your expert fault finding contractor for Brisbane and Queensland

At LADS we have the capabilities to locate damaged cables with state of the art equipment. With this device, we can dramatically cut your digging time by pinpointing where the cable fault is.

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Finding cable faults with less digging

The most common cable faults are fault to earth and core to core.

A licensed electrician needs to be present on-site in order to disconnect the power. Once disconnected a LADS technician can trace the electrical cable and pin-point the damage along the line.
By using this method you can significantly reduce your time in locating where the damage or fault is along the alignment.

Core to Core Fault

Fault to Earth

Save time and money by having one of our technicians on site.

Using the latest equipment available, LADS can easily locate the underground services and utilities you need quickly and efficiently.

Our staff are accredited service locators and have been highly trained to provide you with a safe, cost-effective solution to protect and prevent damage to underground infrastructure.


The Areas we service

Based in Queensland, we service the Gold Coast region, as well as Logan, Brisbane, Ipswich, the Sunshine Coast, northern NSW and Byron Bay.

Wherever you’re based, speak to us, and we’re sure we can deliver!