EMF Utility locating

How does EMF work?

One of LADS’ specialist areas is Electromagnetic Field (EMF) technology, which involves channelling a frequency through a conductor to find utilities. The EMF utility locating is designed to pick up the location of metallic pipes and cables that have been run underground, as the receiver scans for these materials.

The EMF can tackle a variety of different ground conditions, making it a breeze to trace lines and quickly locate underground equipment.

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The accuracy of EMF

EMF location doesn’t detect physical pipes and cables, instead, it detects the electromagnetic field that surrounds the pipes and transmits it to a receiver. However, since readable electromagnetic fields are only found on metallic objects, non-metallic materials such as PVC and nylon require an alternative utility locating method called GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) to be located.

Knowing where objects are in the ground can save you the hassle of digging in the wrong place – saving you both time and money. Although the equipment often can’t tell you the exact size and shape of materials such as pipes, the GPR will give you an excellent idea of exactly where the pipe is located.

What to do when the EMF has worked its magic?

Once the EMF equipment has found where the metallic materials are laid, you can break ground and verify and record the underground utilities.

Often, the EMF is used alongside the GPR to get more accurate reports and mapping of what lies under the surface.

High-quality underground location services

Using the latest equipment available, LADS can easily locate the underground services and utilities you need quickly and efficiently.

Our staff are accredited service locators and have been highly trained to provide you with a safe, cost-effective solution to protect and prevent damage to underground infrastructure.


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